Mr.V.Ramamoorthy founder of Top A India Contractors Company is doing a special type of waterproofing works for 12 years in India and overseas. He was worked in Senior Technical Leader in BCS Proken, Signapore. Our Major Waterproofing work in Metro Stations and Tunnels, Nuclear & Thermal Power plant, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Dam Repair & Rehabilitation work and Shipyard. We have the expertise and resources to manage and create quality solutions for challenging infrastructure projects. We coupled with the training of a permanent workforce of over 250 peoples.


To provide quality and innovative solutions in waterproofing, fireproofing, flooring and repairs that will enable the construction and maintenance of better engineering structures and buildings.


To provide quality with cost efficient, covering global standards in all factors that will enable the world class maintenance and construction of better engineering structures and buildings.


The Management of the Company understands the need & service supports required by the customer & strive to attain complete customer satisfaction by way of excellent quality of services.

Our Aim

  • *To foster a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with clients by working closely with them to fully understand their requirements and needs.
  • *To establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with manufacturers and suppliers, so as to remain competitive in the latest products and services.
  • *To provide regular training to installers and specialists.
  • *To provide the necessary tools and right equipment to carry out the works properly.
  • *To ensure all works are carried out in the most efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.